Venus F40

FE Design

Square recessed downlight

The Venus square semi-recessed lamp is a metal light fixture that can be fixed and adjustable. Their simple shape makes them very functional and suitable for any environment. Recommended for contract projects of restaurants, hotels and retail space. The light is LED and both its intensity and its colour can be dimmed.

9,2x9,2cm - adjustable - IP20

  • White - LED 3000K

    F40 F03 01

  • White - Dynamic LED 3000K/2000K

    F40 F07 01

9,2x9,2cm - fix - IP44

  • White - LED 3000K

    F40 F11 01

  • White - Dynamic LED 3000K/2000K

    F40 F15 01

13,2x13,2cm - adjustable - IP20

  • White - LED 18W

    F40 F19 01

  • White - LED 26W

    F40 F27 01

13,2x13,2cm - fix - IP44

  • White - LED 18W

    F40 F23 01

  • White - LED 26W

    F40 F31 01

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