Tripla F41

D.Busato & G.Ciccarese


Within the collection Tripla you can find a modular system which can be installed according to the needs of the space. The metal base should be installed where the main power supply of the room is, either on the wall or on the ceiling, whereas the pendants can be moved around the room thanks to a spool that supports the wires. Often the power supply or the socket is not centered above a table or other furniture elements that need light. In all these cases, the Tripla system is a smart solution where the user can light up the room creatively and effectively.

Spots light

  • Cable 300cm - Chrome

    F41 L01 11

  • Cable 300cm - Anthracite

    F41 L01 21

  • Cable 300cm - Bronze

    F41 L01 76

  • Cable 600cm - Chrome

    F41 L02 11

  • Cable 600cm - Anthracite

    F41 L02 21

  • Cable 600cm - Bronze

    F41 L02 76

  • Cable 900cm - Chrome

    F41 L03 11

  • Cable 900cm - Anthracite

    F41 L03 21

  • Cable 900cm - Bronze

    F41 L03 76



  • Spool for wire support

    F41 Z01 00

  • Power plug with switch

    F41 Z03 02

  • Twist&Lock recessed canopy

    F41 Z10 01

  • Outdoor box for power supply

    F41 Z11


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