Becky F16

Bridgewell Consulting LTD

Why add something instead of taking away? Why enrich instead of making things simpler? Why rush to predict the future when the past still has so much to tell? Bridgewell Consulting LTD has succeeded in creating a new idea in lighting with Becky. A touch of elegance has been added to the simple, clean cylindrical shape by elaborating the pattern on the wide central strip, which was inspired by bygone motifs. Inspiration came from the elegant parlours of historic buildings in our antique cities, embellished with tasteful fabrics and decorations and unique accessories that have been reinterpreted for contemporary interiors. The collection is made up of hanging, table and ceiling lamps. The diffuser is a smooth glass cylinder painted white, enhanced by a wide central strip, with a white or transparent decorative pattern. The lamp runs on mains power and is suitable for use with halogen bulbs.
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