Angle F05

Pamio Design

The mathematical definition of an angle is a shape, formed by two lines diverging from a common point. This was the inspiration for the Angle standard lamp: majestic, solid and elegant. It is made up of two carbon segments in carbon that are joined together, and was designed for anyone with a keen eye for detail searching for a minimalist furnishing accessory. The austere, rigorous shapes have a Nordic feel, creating a symbiosis between the essential design of the structure and its luminous glow. This beautiful floor lamp created by Pamio Design is a simple yet efficient source of light for everyday use. The collection includes several floor lamps for indoor use. The structural carbon frame is available in a white or black shiny finish. Both variants have a weighted base in matt black painted steel. The round, tilting lamp head houses a ring with 180 high-efficiency, micro LEDs, with a voltage of just 24 Vdc, that generate a luminous flux of over 100 lumen with a colour temperature of 3000K. The power consumption is around 20W.

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