Pulse F03

A.Saggia & V.Sommella

With this lamp, designers A. Saggia and V. Sommella wanted to show off the beauty and simplicity of glass, apply an image of the electronic circuit directly on the outer side of the glass sheet by means of silk-screen printing. The idea was to transform a transparent and apparently totally insignificant surface into a precious item to be put on display. The very elegant line of copper that fully traces the electronic circuit and the lightness that tries to shine through the holes made in the glass, make Pulse a highly elegant, lamp with no hidden secrets. The collection is made up of hanging lamps in two different lengths for indoor use. The diffuser is in extra-clear tempered flat glass, with a thickness of 8 mm. Despite its minimalist design, the lamp is highly decorative thanks to the electronic circuit silk-screen printed on the top side of the glass. The lamps run on a very low voltage (12V) for LED bulbs, and comes complete with a 230/12Vdc transformer.

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