Jazz D52

Pamio Design

Wall lamp

The Jazz wall and ceiling lamp has a crystal diffuser, which is partially transparent and white. It is available with halogen or integrated LED bulb. Depending on the model, you can choose whether to have the lamp with two narrow beams, four narrow beams or one wide and one narrow beam. This item gives value and character to the environment around it thanks to its classic yet sophisticated design.

2 large light beams

  • G9 - IP20

    D52 G01 00

  • G9 - IP44

    D52 G03 00

  • LED 3000K

    D52 G02 00

2 narrow light beams


  • G9

    D52 G05 00

  • LED 3000K

    D52 G06 00

4 narrow light beams


  • G9

    D52 G07 00

  • LED 3000K

    D52 G08 00

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