Teorema D09

Giampiero Derai

Like a sheet of paper fluttering in the air, cradled by the breeze that tries to make it defeat gravity. Reason tells it to rest on the ground but its heart takes it up high, without any reason or logic. Like a theorem of which only its initial condition, established arbitrarily by mankind, but not the conclusion is known. This was the concept behind the collection designed by Giampiero Derai, inspired by the swirling movements of the wind, the fragility of paper and its discipline in the face of natural forces. The collection is made up of hanging, wall and ceiling lamps for indoor use. The diffusers are in extra-clear, satin-finish thermoformed glass, while the metallic structures have a matt chrome finish. The timeless design of these lamps make them ideal in every setting. The lamps run on mains power and are suitable for use with halogen bulbs.
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